Staying moving while we’re always moving

I’m a big fan of staying active, if I’m not doing exercise regularly I end up going a little bonkers. I’ve held a membership with the gym back home for years, but that’s not so easy when we’re traveling, so I’ve taken up running.

I started running a couple of months before we left, and it was HARD! My legs were USELESS and I was stuffed by the time I got to the gate.

Then I found the Nike+ Run Club – a free program that holds me to doing different challenges most days to keep on improving my fitness, with an overall goal of being a better runner. I’ve set myself the goal of doing a half marathon sometime next year, or at least being capable of doing one.

The challenges are always different, sometimes a run, sometimes a free weight workout and 2-3 rest days a week. The program adapts as my fitness level improves and I’m super proud of the improvements I’m seeing.

As well as feeling better, running is an awesome way of seeing the city that we’re staying in. We’re just about to leave Guanajuato, and running has been such an awesome way to see this city, I’m excited to explore a new city next week on my running adventures.

We’re at an altitude of 6,600ft here, so oxygen seems sparse as soon as I put my running shoes on. It’s going to be fun next week to collect some personal best times when we’re back at sea level in Merida – although it’s going to be crazy hot there!

I’ll let you know how I get on!