My Photography Essentials

Lots of people ask me things like ‘What bag should I have?’ or ‘What lens should I use?’, so I thought I’d put together a solid list of things that I can’t go without.

I get my gear from the helpful guys at NZ Camera


The Everyday Messenger Bag by Peak Design


I can’t go anywhere without this bag. It’s designed for photographer’s by one of my all time favourite photographers – Trey Ratcliff.

This bag has lots of space for lenses, a laptop, batteries, memory cards and even a sleeve for a tripod built into the bag. Lots of strap configurations mean it can be used just as a messenger bag, or you can strap it tight to your body if you’re climbing, cycling etc. It’s pure genius and something I can’t go without.

Canon 6d EOS


I use a Canon 6d for most of my photography. Everyone has their preference of what camera to use and it doesn’t really matter what you choose to use. I find the Canon 6d is an amazing camera for low light photography and the added bonus of wifi makes this an awesome camera for taking images and sharing them when I’m on the road.

tripodMANFROTTO 290 XTRA Tripod

This tripod is light, strong and surprisingly cheap for its awesome build quality. It fits perfectly into my Everyday Messenger Bag and is still solid enough for a video shoot.

A light, easy to transport tripod is so important because you don’t want to go anywhere without it. This one packs down small enough to easily travel with it included in my carry-on luggage.

The nice fluid ball mount makes up for the tripod not having too many movement functions.

This is the ideal tripod for PhotoWalks. Get this tripod HERE.



My go-to lens for almost every occasion, this lens shoots so clear. It’s fast, it’s not huge and bulky and being nice and wide it’s great for video too.


Canon 75-300mm


This is a really basic, super cheap long lens, but so often it’s useful. It’s a cheap, entry level lens that I take everywhere and it’s lasted well so far, even with me bouncing it all around the world.

Although it shoots a bit dark¬†near the edges of the photographs, I normally really like this look. If I want to remove this, it’s easy to do in Lightroom.

Cleaning Kit

Essential. You can’t use your t-shirt for cleaning your camera lens, that’s just going to make it dirtier and wreck your lens.

Before every shoot I clean my gear. It ensures my images are clean and more importantly, it gives me the confidence that I’m ready for a shoot.

You’ve spent a lot of money on your gear, look after it.

Get this kit HERE.

NZ Camera

I get my gear from the helpful guys at NZ Camera. Open 7 days a week, they sell online, they ship super fast throughout New Zealand, and they’re happy to ship gear to those of you in the Islands! As well as having awesome prices, they’re great guys with years of industry knowledge. Steve owns the business, he and his team have been in the industry for a long, long time.

If you have any questions at all, give them a call and tell them I sent you, they’ll see you right.