My Photography Essentials

Lots of people ask me things like ‘What bag should I have?’ or ‘What lens should I use?’, so I thought I’d put together a solid list of things that I can’t go without.

This is the basic hardware that I can’t go anywhere without.


The Everyday Messenger Bag by Peak Design


I can’t go anywhere without this bag. It’s designed for photographer’s by one of my all time favourite photographers – Trey Ratcliff.

This bag has lots of space for lenses, a laptop, batteries, memory cards and even a sleeve for a tripod built into the bag. Lots of strap configurations mean it can be used just as a messenger bag, or you can strap it tight to your body if you’re climbing, cycling etc. It’s pure genius and something I can’t go without.

Canon 6d EOS


I use a Canon 6d for most of my photography. Everyone has their preference of what camera to use and it doesn’t really matter what you choose to use. I find the Canon 6d is an amazing camera for low light photography and the added bonus of wifi makes this an awesome camera for taking images and sharing them when I’m on the road.

Manfrotto MKCOMPACTACN-BK Compact Action Tripod 

This very small tripod is light, strong and super cheap for its awesome build quality. It fits perfectly into my Everyday Messenger Bag and is still solid enough for long exposure night shots.

A light, easy to transport tripod is so important because you don’t want to go anywhere without it. This one packs down small enough to easily travel with it included in my carry-on luggage.

This is the ideal tripod for PhotoWalks. Get this tripod HERE.



My go-to lens for almost every occasion, this lens shoots so clear. It’s fast, it’s not huge and bulky and being nice and wide it’s great for video too.



Samyang 14mm f2.8

This is an awesome wide angle lens for landscapes, night photography of general all round creative photography.

I’ve used this lens a lot for astrophotography and real estate photography and it’s performed¬†remarkably.

It has manual focus and aperture, which makes me feel like a photographer of the 70’s or 80’s, it brings me back to the basics of how a camera works.

You can read my post about this lens HERE.