Samoa PhotoWalk – July 25th – Coastal Walk

In May I organised a PhotoWalk in Apia, Samoa, and it was a huge hit. People came from around Samoa to come for a walk and talk, learn and play with some new photography techniques (you can read all about that here). We all learned a few things, including myself (as I always do), and I’m excited to announce that we are doing it all again!

4.30pm – Saturday the 25th July!

This is going to be along the amazing Coastal Walk, Pupu Pu’e National Park, Upolu, Samoa. 


Register for this event HERE, totally FREE of charge!!

On this walk we’ll look at;

  • Camera setups, exposure times, aperture etc.
  • Angles of a shot
  • Making the most of natural light
  • Framing and layering
  • Long exposure photography


I recommend you a pair of good shoes as this is old lava rock and we will be walking for a while. Also bring a torch, we’ll be walking in the dark at the end of the PhotoWalk and we can play with some clever light trickery!


More details about this location are HERE!

There will be prizes on the day thanks for Snapshot Cameras – the best place to buy your camera gear!

Details about my PhotoWalks here.


The above photo is of an island that we will see along the walk, taken by Charles Netzler. Thanks Charles!

Register for this event HERE, totally FREE of charge!!