Ashburton PhotoWalk – July 17th

I’m in the South Island for a while so I thought it would be a great time to meet some local photographers in Ashburton and do a PhotoWalk!

If you’ve never been to a photowalk before, no worries. Come, bring a friend or your family, get a camera in everyone’s hands, and yes, mobile phones and things like this are perfectly fine! :) We’ll combine this one with a really fun photo contest!

Prize yet to be confirmed! Please let me know your favourite camera shop in Ashburton and I’ll have a talk to them, see if they want to sponsor this event with a small prize!

We’ll meet at the Ashburton District Council building and work out where to go to from there. we’ll go for a quick walk into the domain, then from there we’ll head north and up towards the Tinwald bridge.

Hashtag: #AshburtonPhotowalk

Plan: I’ll say hello to everyone and give everyone some artistic and technical goals for the evening. I’ll talk through my camera setup and discuss the whole plan for the evening. Then we’ll all walk around like a huge centipede to find our photographic muses for the evening! I’ll stop 5 or so times and we’ll all congeal into a group, at which point I’ll set up for a formal shot and talk about my settings, framings, what I’m trying to communicate with the shot, etc. You are ALWAYS welcome to ask me questions any time, and I’m always open to new ideas and suggestions on the shots that I am taking! :)

We’ll end at one of Ashburtons bars and have a drink or two together, and maybe even take some photos within the bar!

How to win: Take an interesting photo of one or more fellow PhotoWalkers and then post it to any social media channel with the #AshburtonPhotowalk hashtag. Be creative and try new things! Get close, get far, get low, get high, get interesting subject matter in the background, etc. Have fun with it — you can take and post and share as many photos as you like! Of course, all the time we’ll be taking photos of other things too, the buildings, landscapes, and the like, but only the photos of fellow PhotoWalkers will be eligible for the prize.

I know photographers often really enjoy taking “street photos” of other people/photographers but sometimes can be a bit shy or afraid to ask. Well not here, you all have permission…it’s open season! :)

This is open to beginners and more advanced photographers. I’m always learning about photography and I expect to learn a bit more on our PhotoWalk.

To Register, check out the Facebook event page HERE

Details about my PhotoWalks here.