Guanajuato Alley Tours

I don’t feel safe taking photos at night in Guanajuato, I always feel like I’m waiting for someone to snatch my camera off me.

I love the alley way photos, or up high (especially at night!), away from the center of town. Within the town center is great for photography, but there are people everywhere.

I could go and photograph the alleys at night, but I feel like a might lose my gear. Sure, I might be wrong and maybe I’m just paranoid, and sure, I have an awesome insurance policy for my gear with World Nomads, but ya know, I really like my camera gear!

Here’s the best way to take photos at night…

As you walk through the streets of Guanajuato, day or night, you’ll be approached by men and women in funny costumes, asking if you want to join in their Alley Tour. For the last two weeks, we’ve avoided them, assuming they were a tourist trap.

However, yesterday we met Pepe. He spoke English and told us that the late night tour was the best one, so we thought we’d splash out, be a bit reckless and spend the $8.00 on the tour tickets.

On the tour, I was able to photograph a whole bunch of cool places, and people having the time of their lives, without a worry.

For this shoot…

For this shoot, I used the awesome Samyang 14mm f2.8 prime lens on my Canon 6D. I opened the aperture right up and bought the ISO right up to 3200, which is about the max ISO for this camera.

The blurry side-effect of a manual focus lens…

This lens has a manual aperture and manual focus only, which is awesome fun, but means that occasionally I forget to fix my focal point after I shoot something close, unfortunately resulting in the occasional blurry shot…

(a real shame when it’s a pretty cool composure!)

If you get to Guanajuato and want to experience one of the best things that you could do in this town, contact the Guanajuato Callejoneadas through their Facebook page (below) and book the latest tour they have, you’ll have a blast!