The Great Pumpkin Carnival 2015

I have a friend called Sam, everyone should meet Sam, he’s one of the most interesting people on this planet. One of Sams hobbies is growing giant pumpkins, and helping other people grow giant pumpkins. Sam has a website called where he helps people around New Zealand grow giant pumpkins. It’s hilarious and awesome, everyone should get into it.

Today I went along to The Great Pumpkin Festival 2015 which was held at the Hamilton Gardens. Someone showed up with the heaviest pumpkin that has ever been grown in the Southern Hemisphere, setting a new record, and lots of kids made lots of noise.

There was bouncy castles, face painting and pumpkin rolling, where at the end of the day the kids got to roll their pumpkins down the hill and watch them explode into a million pieces. It’s a great family day out (well, not for the pumpkin).

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