Hamilton PhotoWalk

On Friday night a bunch of budding photographers (and a couple of really good photographers) joined me in a walk around the city of Hamilton, photographing some of the best things we have to see here.

The objective was to simply get people using their cameras a bit better and for us all to learn a little more from each other.

We started our walk from Dori Spaces and headed into Garden Place. After a coffee at Starbucks we headed for the fountains which looked great, so we spent a bit of time there working on some long exposure shots of the water. Once the new guys got the hang of some new techniques we headed towards the bridges and river, catching some awesome shots of bridges, traffic and lights. We moved down the river more and things just got crazy wild: mad torch tricks and super long exposure shots.

I love seeing people get excited about photography, and this is what happened in Hamilton of Friday night. We all had a heap of fun and it was so great to see peoples faces light up when they captured an awesome shot.

snapshot camerasThanks to Snapshot Cameras for the $50 voucher that was given as a prize to one of the attendees!