The 2017 Hamilton PhotoWalk

What an adventure! Another awesome PhotoWalk done, and another group of budding photographers now know a whole lot more about how their cameras work and how to get some awesome night photography out of them.

About 45 people turned out for the 2017 Hamilton PhotoWalk that we had last night and the weather was perfect for it.

We started by the river on Grantham St and moved into the city, where we played with some light painting. Then everyone got some clever snaps of the traffic on Victoria St before heading back down to the side of the river for a final few shots of some steel wool photography.

What a great night with a bunch of cool people. I absolutely love seeing people get excited that first time they shoot their first long exposure shot when they yell with excitement – there was lots of that last night.

The technique we used for the final shot is most commonly known as ‘steel wool photography’, where we get some steel wool, jam it into a whisk, tie some string to the handle, light the steel wool and swing it around. The photo was taken with a 30 second exposure time, so we get all of the sparks that the steel wool produces.


Lots more pics can be found in these locations;

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