I travel around the world and I see one common trend – There are lots and lots of people everywhere who don’t know how to use them properly.

You might be the same. You were given a nice camera for Christmas, or you bought one for a holiday. Then you worked out it’s really hard to adjust anything, so you use it on AUTO setting, only to learn that it creates the same photos as the phone in your pocket.

I know, I get it, and I see it everywhere I go.

I can help, FOR FREE!


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From basic to advanced, you’ll learn how to use your camera and how to get better at taking great photographs. I’ve also got some FREE Lightroom and Photoshop tutorials for you to learn more about touching up your photos, from mild to wild.

What’s included in this FREE course?

I get it, you want to ensure you’re getting value for money from this FREE course. Here’s what I cover in the lessons…

Lesson 1 – Basic camera settings, you gotta know it.
Lesson 2 – Low light photography, say no to grain.
Lesson 3 – Lightroom, making beautiful even better.
Lesson 4 – Light tricks, painting with lights.
Lesson 5 – Photoshop, removing unwanted things.
Lesson 6 – HDR photography, how to create amazing HDR images.
Lesson 7 – Moving objects, adding drama to moving objects,
Lesson 8 – Astrophotography! The stars and other things in the sky.

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Subscribe to my FREE course here…

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