For the last month, we’ve been working from our apartment in Guanajuato, Mexico. I’ve put a few details together here to help people understand what we do while working on the road. It’s also super helpful for me to see all this info in one place.

Working while traveling is something I’m really enjoying. It’s great to be working in different timezones to my clients. The mornings here are the wee hours in New Zealand, meaning there are no interuptions through email or phone, so I’m super productive in those hours. 4pm here is 9am in New Zealand, so the emails start coming in then.

At 6pm here (11am NZ time), my awesome virtual assistant starts work, and she looks after Dori Apparel and responds to any messages that come in.

Here’s where my income has come from this month…

  Dori Media 48.15%
  Dori Apparel 45.08%
  Mexico Clients 2.90%
  Host88 2.90%
  Samoa Jobs 0.64%
  Affiliate Marketing 0.19%
  Photography 0.13%

Dori Media income has been good this month as I’ve been working on a couple of large projects, including a really exciting project with reality TV stars Art Green and Matilda Rice.

Dori Apparel has been going well, and normally picks up in October, November and December. The product range has grown a lot in the last month so it’ll be interesting to see the uptake on that gear.

Samoa Jobs is a basically a non-profit project for now, but over the next month will expand to over the entire South Pacific region, so it’ll be cool to see the growth there.

I have a client here in Mexico who I’ve been doing a little work for, and Host88 continues to tick over slowly.

I’ve been selling a few of my images on the Adobe Stock platform which is pretty cool, it’s great to see people appreciate my photography so much that they pay for the photos!

The Up An Adam free photography course continues to help people with their photography and gives a small return through affiliate marketing. I’m in the process of putting a new photography course together for those people who want to improve their property photography, ideal for real estate agents, Airbnb hosts, agencies with restaurant or shop clients etc.

The Guanajuato Workspace

I’ve worked from our apartment this month, there is a small table here that allows me enough space to do what I need to do, even while eating breakfast. The wifi here is super fast and we haven’t had any issues with it at all.

Shops are close and the center of Guanajuato is only a 10-15 minute walk.

I saw a co-working space in Guanajuato CBD, about 15 minutes walk from our apartment, and I’ve only just found their details online now. To work in the workspace is only 40 peso per day ($3.20nzd), something that I should have tried for a few days! Details of that workspace are here.

The apartment that we are in at the time of writing this post is $605nzd per month.

If you’re interested in using Airbnb, use THIS LINK to get a $50 credit on your account when you sign up, that you can use for your first stay.